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Foreigns in SH Can Apply Directly for SIM Cards Before Arriving!


To facilitate local telecommunication services for foreign nationals working in Shanghai upon their arrival, we have coordinated with China Telecom Corporation Limited Shanghai Branch (“Shanghai Telecom”) to introduce a channel for pre-entry mobile number applications.


Applicable Objects

Foreigners who have obtained the Notification Letter of Foreigner’s Work Permit or Confirmation Letter for Foreign High-end Talents as required.


Application Process

1. Request Submission: The employer shall submit a request to Shanghai Telecom for doorstep services two weeks prior to the entry of foreign nationals;

2. Doorstep Appointment: Upon a doorstep appointment, the employer may choose a mobile plan and perform identity verification for foreign nationals. Then the handler at the employer will sign to confirm and receive the UIM card in a “pre-activated but not yet active” status.

3. QR Code Activation: Upon arrival in Shanghai, the foreign national may activate their mobile number by scanning a provided QR code. After uploading a passport photo and a personal portrait, the UIM card will be fully activated.

Employers needing support from Shanghai Telecom may directly reach its contact. 

Attachment: Pre-entry Mobile Number Application Process for Foreign Nationals Working in Shanghai

Shanghai Telecom Contact: Zhou Chen

Phone: 54122232 (Chinese)

 Hotline for Foreigner’s Work Permit in China

400-820-5114 ext. 9  (Bilingual, in Chinese and English)