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Osen traces its roots back to the establishment of the Sino-UK Business Center in Shanghai in 1999, with headquarters based in London, United Kingdom. In 2008, Shanghai Osen Business Consulting Co., Ltd. was officially formed. As one of China's earliest specialized agencies focusing on global consulting, the company owns two brands: OsenVisa and OsenMedicine, each corresponding to our two core business sectors: visa and travel services for domestic and foreign enterprises, and admission guidance for medical education abroad.


OsenVisa specialize in providing comprehensive short-term and long-term visa services for corporate clients in over 160 countries and regions across five continents. Our one-stop solutions assist businesses in expanding their international presence. We not only devise compliant entry-exit plans for clients but also offer consultations on foreign investment and immigration solutions.


As a leading provider of outbound business visas, our services encompass business visas, work visas, entrepreneur visas, investment immigration visas etc.. Additionally, we cater to inbound foreigners, offering services such as Chinese business visas, work visas, permanent residency permits, and various other visa types including family visit, academic visit, medical visit, etc. Our comprehensive one-stop visa services also include international flights, insurance, and customized overseas services as upon required.


Backed by a professional team, our management has over 15 years of overseas consulting and management experience. Our consultants, all graduates from reputable universities with overseas study backgrounds and/or relevant work experience at embassies/consulates and visa centers, provide the latest information and in-depth case analyses of visas worldwide. With years of valuable experience and rigorous operational procedures, we expedite visa acquisition for clients. In cases of visa denials, our senior consultants offer consultation services, reviewing reasons and motivations, and providing detailed guidance for reapplication if possible. Our success rate for reapplying denied cases exceeds 95% with legitimate and genuine business travel purpose.

- 未经客户允许,不与任何同本项目有关的第三方机构或个人直接或间接联系。
- 未经客户允许,不向第三方透露有关客户定制项目的任何信息。
- 项目完成后,可根据客户要求将客户提供的原始文件及文件副本返还客户。
- 项目完成后,可根据客户要求将其所有有关客户定制项目的电子文件彻底删除。

Our commitment to strict confidentiality has been upheld for nearly two decades. We enforce stringent information security measures for all staff, ensuring no incidents of data loss or information leaks. This enhances the security and intelligent management of client historical data. Our solemn commitments to each client include not contacting any third-party organizations or individuals related to the project without client permission, not disclosing any information about client-customized projects to third parties without permission, returning original and copied documents upon project completion per client request, and permanently deleting all electronic files related to client-customized projects upon project completion at the client's request.


2024 marks the 16th year since our establishment and the 25th year of involvement in foreign consulting services. Upholding the principles of integrity, professionalism, and efficiency set by our founder, we are dedicated to assisting domestic and international businesses in successfully entering or expanding in the global market. OsenVisa aims to be a trusted international business travel consulting service brand in China. We firmly believe that OsenVisa will continue to provide outstanding service and become your reliable partner in the field of international business travel.

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2 Feb 2024